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Raspberry Jam

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Ingredients: 800 g raspberries rinsed and dried 700 g granulated sugar 5 tbsp lemon juice


Directions: Put the raspberries, sugar and lemon juice into a preserving pan or similar. Place pan over a gentle heat, stirring occasionally, until all the sugar crystals have dissolved. You can usually tell by running a wooden spoon over the bottom of the pan. Bring the pan to a rolling boil and time for 7 minutes. Take pan off the heat and place a few drops of jam onto a chilled saucer. Place saucer in fridge for about a minute. Test the set by running your finger through the jam, if it forms a crinkle and is jel like then the jam is ready to pot up. If the jam isn’t ready continue boiling for another 2 minutes at a time and re-test until ready (mine took 9 minutes). Use a small ladle to pot up the jam in sterilised jars and seal with lids immediately – makes 2 jars (900 mls in total). Store in a cool dark place and refrigerate once opened.
Raspberry Jam
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